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It’s our goal to make you look as professional online as you are in person, balancing the local competition, and helping you to re-establish your leadership in your local market. While we may work with clients from all areas of industry, one thing stays the same – our commitment to creating unique online brand experiences that fit your business and meets your client’s needs.


Branding adds value to your business by showcasing the quality and care you put into your products or services. A design strategy will allow customers to recognize you quickly and it also creates trust in your brand. We offer custom and re-branding packages for your business. Together, let’s create an authentic identity that speaks to the quality of your business. We offer Branding packages and graphic design services. 


We specialize in Organic Growth, Google Ads, Facebook Campaigns, Click Funnels, Landing Pages, Paid Ads, E-mail marketing, Monthly Newsletters, Blog Writing,  and SEO. Learn about our partnership certificates from Google, Constant Contact and Facebook. We believe you should only use the services that work for your business, so we only offer you the services we genuinely believe will increase your sales. 


Every business has a distinctive set of opportunities and challenges so we take a highly personalized approach to address each of our client's needs, goals, and budgets. 

Whether you're a legacy brand or a new business, our creative consulting identifies your brand differentiation, brand personality, voice and opportunities for growth. 


We Specialize in: 
Large Format, Packaging, Promotional, EDDM,
Business Cards, Flyers, Menus, Banners, Expo Set Ups and so  much more. 
Calamar Designs employs a Staccato screening method for top quality print that's near photographic in presentation, delivering unmatched color, precision and halftone stability on the press. 

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